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Most important Scientific Conferences of the South Pacific

Two Hands On workshops and an endoscopy course with last generation live case transmissions, where you will learn how to place the Gastric Balloon, how to use the Halo System, how to place Ovesco clips, and other advanced techniques; a motility course, directed by Dr. Hannah Pitanga, Deputy Director of IECED; a pediatric gastro course; and several modules on digestive and hepatic diseases, will be part of the novelties of the 3rd International Congress of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy of the South Pacific & the 9th Live Endoscopy Course of IECED 2020, organized by the Institute of Digestive Diseases (IECED) and the Pentax Training Center Ecuador.

Directed at:

Gastroenterologists, endoscopists, digestive surgeons, as well as postgraduates, medical students and professionals related to the branch.


It will take place on May 22, 23 and 24, 2020, at the Sheraton Hotel Guayaquil - Ecuador.

State-of-the-art Technology and Technological Advances

In endoscopic procedures, they are the highlight of these days that annually "paralyze" the activities of the doctors, national and foreign, who meet in such a great event. 

As expected, in order to provide a high level of education during the conference, the best and most emblematic doctors at an international level have been selected. So far, they have already confirmed their participation:


  • Paul Fockens MD (Holland)

  • Alberto Baptista MD (Spain / Venezuela)

  • Shyam Varadarajulu MD (U.S.A. / India)

  • Saowanee Ngamruengphong MD (USA / Thailand)

  •  John Pandolfino MD (USA)

  • Sethi Amrita MD (USA)

  • Cliftong Huang MD (USA / Honduras)

  • Eduardo De Moura MD (Brazil)

  • Flavio Feitosa MD (Brazil)

  • Simone Guaraldi MD (Brazil)

  • Thais Guaraná MD (Brazil)

  • Diogo Moura MD (Brazil)

  • Paula Perruzzi Elia MD (Brazil)

  •  Juan Antonio Chirinos Vega MD (Peru)

  •  Jorge Olmos MD (Argentina)

  •  Javier Carrillo MD  (Guayaquil)

  • Carlos Cifuentes MD (Guayaquil)

  • Alexandra Salvador MD (Guayaquil)

  • Francisco Abarca MD (Guayaquil)

  • Francisco Abarca Rendón MD (Guayaquil) 

  • Guido Aguilera MD (Guayaquil)

  • Carlos Robles - Medranda  MD (Guayaquil)

  • Juan Manuel Alcívar MD (Guayaquil)

  • Hannah Pitanga  MD (Guayaquil)

  • Haydee Alvarado MD (Guayaquil)

  • Raquel del Valle (Guayaquil)

  • Javier Mora MD (Guayaquil)


  • Irene Alvarado (Guayaquil)

  • Isabel Delgado MD (Guayaquil)

  • Mario Vargas MD (Guayaquil)

  • Miguel Soria (MD (Guayaquil)

  • Francisco Nevárez MD (Guayaquil)

  • William Zurita MD (Guayaquil)

  • Martha Fernández  MD (Portoviejo)

  • Farid Doumet  MD (Portoviejo)

  • Gustavo Toala  MD (Portoviejo)

  • Martha Fernández  MD (Portoviejo)

  • Byron Campoverde MD (Portoviejo)

  • Anny Terán MD (Portoviejo)

  • Galo Pazmiño MD (Quito)

  • Marco Luna Espinel MD (Quito)

  • Vicente Peñaherrera (Quito)

  • Ramiro Coello MD (Quito)

  • Ricardo Chong (Quito)

  • Gustavo Ayala MD (Quito)


  • Diego Jiménez (Cuenca)

  • David Andrade (Cuenca)

  • Gustavo Calle MD (Cuenca)

  • Carlos Robles- Jara MD (Portoviejo)

  • Vilma Rodríguez  MD (Portoviejo)

  • Martha Fernández MD (Portoviejo)



Access to both rooms

Those attending these conferences will have access to both lecture rooms and live transmissions of cases (with simultaneous translation).


Access to the area

Video-Library Learning Center.

Access to the pre-congress

Hands On Course exclusively for VIP attendees and/or those who register in advance (limited places)


Access to the exhibition area

Where different brands will expose new developments in pharmaceuticals, endoscopic technology, among other topics of interest.


Coffee breaks and lunches.

Attendees will be able to enjoy these benefits. During the 3 days of the event.


USD 300 (+VAT)

Per person

USD 150 (+IVA)

Para Hands On


Hotel Sheraton Guayaquil, will offer preferential rates to all registered participants who purchase their tickets in advance

(subject to room availability)