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Guido Villagomez, MD: More than a doctor, a teacher at the service of young people.

His professional life is based on two activities he loves and coexists with each other: medicine and teaching. His aim, beyond saving lives, is to pass on his acquired knowledge about digestive medicine and endoscopy to new generations. "The most important thing (in my life) has not only been my training, but to be able to return what I have received professionally", acknowledges Dr. Guido Villagomez, who was a guest professor in the sixth edition of the Live Endoscopy Course of IECED.

Dr. Villagomez is of Bolivian descent and he had the opportunity to train on the other side of the world: Japan. There, in distant lands and times, he learned to handle the new digestive endoscopic techniques which at that time allowed him to initiate the dissemination process and promote the use of therapeutic endoscopy in Latin America, which according to him has changed tremendously the management of digestive diseases in the world.

Learn more about his life and career in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AErTFs3H-Q

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