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Isaac Raijman, MD: Ecuadorians should be proud of the IECED

His parents always remind him that he wanted to be a doctor from the age of 2. So it is not surprising that he is passionate about medicine, especially gastroenterology and endoscopy, professions that he chose to practice with great enthusiasm for several years.

During his stay in Guayaquil (Ecuador), where he came as guest professor for the second edition of the Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Congress of the South Pacific (GISEPS 2019), he visited the facilities of the Ecuadorian Institute of Digestive Diseases (IECED) and the Pentax Training Center Ecuador, centers that he recognizes as first level in the world, due to their popularity among medical specialists.

"Ecuadorians should be very proud... Everything here is first class, it's very advanced... It's a world-famous centre."

He commented, Dr. Raijman, who works as an endoscopist at the Texas Digestive Diseases Consultants (TDDC), in the USA.

See the full interview at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzpvn4agINE


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